Public transport


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Company Ollex, which provides transportation services and has been transporting passengers to the airports of Lithuania since 2009, announces that the routes of buses from Vilnius and Klaipėda to Kaunas Airport will be coordinated with the timetable of flights.


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You can also travel with the company Toks. There is a special route "Vilnius Bus Station - Kaunas Airport".

By train

You can also travel to Kaunas from Vilnius by train. Once you get off at the Railway Station, wait for Bus No 29 which will take you to Kaunas Airport.

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Flybus provides connection between Latvia (Riga and Liepaja) and Lithuanian airports (Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga) since 2010.

During the reconstruction of the Vilnius airport runway, Flybus will increase number of transfer service between Riga (Latvia) and Kaunas airport. Up to 5 daily transfers will run between Latvian capital and Kaunas airport. Flybus schedule is coordinated with the flights timetable.

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