12th of January, 2009                   

2008 sees record passenger growth and development at Kaunas Airport, Lithuania

410,000 passengers used Kaunas Airport in Lithuania in 2008, a 5% increase over 2007 continuing the rapid growth of 5 times, seen since 2005.

Kaunas airport, which is the second largest Airport in Lithuania, is centrally located within the country making it a convenient location for access to the whole of Lithuania and the Baltics, is undergoing rapid development as well as passenger growth; a new modern passenger terminal was opened in 2008, parking areas doubled, airfield modernisation works started, the apron was extended to accommodate the recent and forecast growth and the start of the 10 year Masterplan.

In 2008 external private investors were invited to tender for new development projects as well as the signing of a long term cooperation contract with La Centrale Airport Group for the development of Kaunas Airport infrastructure and new passenger and cargo routes in 2008.

The Airport benefits from having no environmental constraints and is also located adjacent to the Kaunas Free Economic Zone which offers favourable economic conditions to investors including airlines, cargo and training and maintenance service providers.

Arijandas Sliupas, the General Manager commented, "2008 was an important year for the development of Kaunas Airport, passenger growth momentum has continued and looks promising for 2009 as well as continued implementation of our development plans".
Projects in 2009 include the taxiway construction, the replacement of the runway pavement, the development of a aircraft maintenance base and the construction of business and general aviation hangars.