From temporary departure and arrival terminals that are being built to additional aircraft parking - preparations for the significantly increased passenger flow are in full swing at Kaunas Airport. The temporary infrastructure that is being created and the airport apron that is being reconstructed at the moment will allow Kaunas to handle flights and passengers transferred from Vilnius Airport due to the reconstruction in the middle of summer.

According to Donatas Voveris, COO at Lithuanian Airports, by the middle of July in Kaunas Airport, as planned, the apron and the passenger terminal will be reconstructed, two temporary terminals will be built, and the number of parking spaces will be increased.

"During the reconstruction of the airport apron, aircraft parking will be expanded as well: instead of the current 15 parking spaces, there will be 22, and later 24. In addition, more parking spaces will have electricity available for the aircraft. Thus, we will be able to handle more aeroplanes and, consequently, more passengers, faster. Also, the surface of the apron, which is currently being reinforced, will allow parking larger and heavier aeroplanes here," Donatas Voveris, COO at Lithuanian Airports, said about the current preparation work at Kaunas Airport.

Apron reconstruction at Kaunas Airport is carried out by AB "Kauno tiltai".

In preparation for increased passenger flows, two additional temporary passenger terminals are being built next to the permanent Kaunas Airport terminal: Terminal A will be intended for passengers leaving for the Schengen Area, while Terminal C will be for passengers arriving from the Schengen Area. The temporary terminals are being built by "Ekoangarai" and their partners "Cramo".

It is planned that the temporary departure terminal will have 16 check-in counters, 4 check-in self-service kiosks, 4 aviation security check stations, and 6 boarding gates. In addition, cafés and shops will offer their services to passengers, there will be vending machines, and the Business Club moved from Vilnius Airport will be available. Meanwhile, the temporary arrival terminal will have three baggage reclaim areas.

Parking lots located near Kaunas Airport are currently being expanded as well: 700 additional parking spaces will be built. In total, passengers will be able to use more than 2000 parking spaces in short-term and long-term car parks.

According to D. Voveris, the reconstruction of the permanent passenger terminal at Kaunas Airport, which began in January, is almost finished as well.

"After the reconstruction of the terminal is completed, the duration of obligatory passenger processes will be shorter, and the shops area will double, eating areas in limited and unlimited access zones will be larger and more convenient. In addition, we have already given up on the concept of two separate aviation security check stations: one for the Schengen Area, and one for countries outside the Schengen Area. This increases the efficiency of check procedures and passenger flows management," says the COO of Lithuanian Airports.

After the reconstruction of the main airport terminal, there will be new play areas for children, the parent and child rooms will be expanded, restrooms will be renovated, and new smoking areas will be available at the terminal.

Kaunas Airport will be the centre of aviation of the country from 14 July to 23:59 on 17 August 2017 during the reconstruction of the runway in Vilnius Airport. For 35 days, flights will be moved from the capital city to Kaunas Airport.