17th of November, 2008   

The project for aircraft MRO base construction and operations at Kaunas Airport has been launched - an auction for long-term land lease was announced aiming to attract professionals of MRO industry. „This project is one of our strategic goals, the completion of which will give the essential element to strengthen our positions when negotiating regarding airline's bases in Kaunas. So far it has been one of the missing elements in our infrastructure, largely limiting airlines' possibilities of basing and planning flights not only to Kaunas, but from Kaunas as well, as technical maintenance is required for such operations," - spoke Arijandas Sliupas, General Manager of Kaunas Airport.

MRO base is a consequent stage of Airport infrastructure development plan - attracting private capital for development of numerous infrastructure objects the aim to become a competitive player, offering wide range of high quality services, not only in Lithuania but in the whole Central and Eastern Europe region.

As it has been forecasted in the beginning of the year, passenger flow in Kaunas is increasing steadily - this year a 6.3% increase noticed. Evaluating the results Arijandas Sliupas was optimistic - „It is three times more than the European average of this year - 1.9%. Surely, the global trends urge to consider the future plans carefully".