Passenger habits prompted the idea to create an airports app

Passengers immersed in their phones and the lack of systemized information on airports is what prompted the idea to create FLIO, a mobile app, which currently unites more than 900 airports of the world, including all three Lithuanian air gates Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. A representative of the app developed in 2015 says that the app is the solution, which will meet all needs of Lithuanian Airports.

“Time passed at the airport is often full of stress, thus we created FLIO app, which provides the entire information necessary at the airport, including the map of the interior, flight times, delays and special offers, in a single place. Traveling a lot, we noticed that people do not let go of their phones before flights, thus we believe that passengers highly appreciate such a centralized solution for everything what must be known about the airport. After all, downloading FLIO alone is enough instead of using several different apps informing about two airports of the trip.

We are glad that Lithuanian Airports decided to provide their passengers with the opportunity to travel smarter, and we can help them with the implementation of the idea” - said Kirk Flitton, Director of Commerce of FLIO, in the interview, and noted that FLIO is happy to work with Lithuanian Airports because of the same expectations, vision and optimism typical of both parties.

According to K. Flitton, the free app can protect passengers not only from getting lost in airport spaces, but also from high costs when waiting for their flight.

“Discounts regularly published in the app allow saving. For example, if you plan to buy a cup of coffee or a burger, they can cost less with FLIO; all you have to do is to find a discount on the app and show it to the seller on the screen of your mobile phone, just like a paper coupon. FLIO helps saving when using and ordering a place in a parking lot, or purchasing a ticket to Business Club at the Vilnius Airport with just a few clicks” - K. Flitton listed the advantages of the app.

FLIO representative noted that users will be able to receive all the necessary information in the desired language, including Lithuanian.

In April, FLIO also received an award from international media. Influential German weekly “Der Spiegel” called FLIO the best airports app.

Developers of the app have also contributed to the establishment of the music streaming platform “Spotify” and the development of websites and that are very popular among travellers.

FLIO app is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems, and can be downloaded here.