Now Lithuania is on the Radar of People Travelling the World

From now on, aeroplane flights will be even smarter and more convenient than before as Lithuanian Airports joined the global travel app FLIO, which includes over 900 airports all over the world. The app provides all information necessary during a trip on flights and airports in one place, so it will be easier for passengers in the airports in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga to find their way.

“The fact that Lithuanian Airports joined the globally used and famous FLIO app will ensure that the passengers are more comfortable and that each trip is even more pleasant. We believe that eventually the app will become the main information platform for all three airports in Lithuania, including Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga, and the passengers will use it at the very start of planning their journeys,” says Gediminas Almantas, the CEO at Lithuanian Airports.

“We created the FLIO app to improve passenger experience in airports all over the world. During trips, passengers no longer need to download apps of each individual airport or browse their websites because all relevant information is available in one place, in an app that they downloaded to their smartphones. We are glad that Lithuanian Airports decided to join the app and thus enable their passengers to travel smarter,” states Kirk Flitton, the Business Development Director at FLIO.

Maps of the airports in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga that are available in the app will help to find the desired location quickly and easily: from a café and a duty free shop to the phone charging station or the children's room. The FLIO app allows users to check weather forecasts in other airports in real time and find all flight-related information: flight times, delays, and other schedule changes.

Shops and cafés located in the airports in Lithuania joined the app as well, so travellers who use FLIO will receive the best shopping and food offers as well as special discounts. In addition, passengers will be able to create their own profiles in the app, mark their trip, write and read useful reviews of airports, share with others, or test their knowledge in a quiz about airports.

G. Almantas also notes that FLIO will be useful to the passengers of the airports in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga not only at the airports themselves, but also outside the airports: the app will provide all information related to flights, airport layouts, and recent offers of shops and restaurants, as well as preliminary taxi prices, public transit routes, schedules, and tickets, and even the nearest car rentals.

FLIO is available for Android and iOS. Download the app here.