Lithuanian Airports Start Implementing Ideas Suggested by Passengers

After learning about the passengers’ needs and expectations, Lithuanian Airports start implementing them. The passengers’ ideas, which would help improve aviation activity in the country, were selected as gifts last Christmas. On a website that was created specifically for holiday greetings, a total of 47 ideas were posted, and almost a half of them were selected for implementation after careful consideration.

“We are glad that passengers as well as partners agreed to state their needs, share their opinions, and thereby contribute to improving the activity of Lithuanian Airports. This was a very important gift for us. We collected and reviewed all ideas, evaluated their relevance and the extent to which they can be realistically implemented. We have selected almost a half of the ideas that were suggested: currently, we are working on 18 suggestions on improving the activity of the airports, we left several ideas for further consideration, and decided to postpone some others till 2018,” says Tomas Rytel, the Chief Organizational Development Officer at Lithuanian Airports.

Most ideas suggested by the passengers were related to improving transport functioning in the country’s airports, making check processes more efficient, installing additional areas for passengers waiting for their flights, and organising fun entertainment for the youngest passengers.

Still, Tomas Rytel notes that many ideas were related to ecology, cleanliness, and everyday amenities and states that some of these ideas are already being worked on, for example, public toilets in Vilnius Airport are already undergoing repairs. Ecology considerations will continue to be important: waste sorting containers to be used in the capital city airport areas will be bought this year.

Passengers interested in new forms of entertainment will soon be able to visit a new restaurant and a bookshop in Vilnius Airport. New trade and food areas are being created in Kaunas Airport as well.

Lithuanian Airports encourage passengers to continue to offer ideas on the Facebook pages of Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga Airports.