Lithuanian Airports: we had 15 percent more passengers in February compared to last year

February did not become any exception for Lithuanian Airports rejoicing over an impressive growth in the number of passengers and flights. Compared to the last month of the winter season of 2016, almost 15 percent more passengers were served in the country this year, while the number of flights increased by one tenth. Lithuanian Airports served a total of more than 325 000 passengers and nearly 3 700 flights in February.

Thrust for Scandinavia

From Reykjavik to Nice and Grenoble – unlike a year ago, passengers from Vilnius airport were able to try eight new flight destinations in February of 2017. A wider geography of flights led to almost 30 000 more passengers served in February of this year. There were more than 255 000 passengers in total in Vilnius airport last month.

According to the CEO of Lithuanian Airports Gediminas Almantas, traditionally, the majority of passengers travelled to London’s Luton airport from Vilnius airport in February. Frankfurt and Oslo were also among 3 most popular destinations. In February of this year, there were by 8 000 passengers more traveling in the latter destination compared to last year. One of the reasons for growing passenger flow to the capital of Norway is daily flights operated by budget airlines “Ryanair” going to the main Oslo Gardermoen airport.

“We noticed that flights to Nordic countries have been gaining popularity. Compared to February of last year, not only the number of passengers going to Oslo increased, but also flights from Vilnius to Tallinn and Stockholm had 5 000 more passengers” - said G. Almantas.

Palanga is among the fastest growing airports in Europe

In February 2017, the number of flights from Kaunas airport increased by as much as one fourth, to 600 flights. The second largest air gate of the country also served 54 000, or 11 percent, more passengers. According to G. Almantas, such indicators were largely due to four flight destinations operated by “Wizz Air” - Bergen, Eindhoven, Stavanger and Aalesund, which were moved from Vilnius to Kaunas in the autumn.

Palanga airport continued demonstrating impressive growth in February. According to the data of the Airports Council International (ACI Europe), it was in top 5 fastest growing European airports serving up to 5 million passengers each year, with the increase of the number of passengers accounting for almost 82 percent. In February, there were more than 16 000 passengers in Palanga airport.

“Unlike in the previous year, flights to London’s Luton and Stansted airports operated by airlines “Ryanair” and “Wizzair” from Palanga were available in February. They soon became most favourable passenger destinations from the Lithuanian seaside” - G. Almantas commented February results in Palanga airport. He also added that residents of the western part of the country will get yet another flight going to Great Britain - “Ryanair” will start flying from Palanga to Glasgow.