Lithuanian Airports: We Expect Carriers to Ensure Smooth Functioning of Transport between the Airports in Vilnius and Kaunas

The reconstruction of the runway in Vilnius Airport, which will begin on 14 July, will make Kaunas the centre of Lithuanian aviation until 18 August. However, to ensure that the trip to Kaunas Airport is pleasant, it is particularly important to make sure that interurban transport is convenient, regular, and frequently available. Today, Lithuanian Airports sent a letter to carrier companies and encouraged them to fully commit to passenger transportation to and from Kaunas Airport.

“It is important to ensure that guests from abroad who are visiting our country for the first time as well as residents of Lithuania going on vacation or travelling for business purposes are able to reach Kaunas Airport comfortably and without effort while Vilnius Airport is closed for the runway reconstruction. The main condition of this task is the smooth functioning of transport between the airports in Kaunas and Vilnius, so we encourage all Lithuanian carriers to suggest plans for implementing this in the best possible way,” says Donatas Voveris, the Head of Airport Network at Lithuanian Airports.

D. Voveris noted that although Lithuanian airports themselves are not responsible for transporting clients to and from an airport, to improve the passengers’ experience, they feel responsible for their comfort. Therefore, it is expected that carriers will take an initiative and organise their activity from 14 July to 18 August in such a way as to ensure high-quality transportation of passengers.

Meanwhile, Lithuanian Airports promise comprehensive assistance to carriers by providing information on flight schedules and informing passengers about transportation opportunities between the airports in Vilnius and Kaunas.

“All schedules of transport between Vilnius Airport and Kaunas Airport will be available on the websites of Vilnius and Kaunas Airports; we will also make the schedules available in social networks. Carriers can be confident that passengers will surely know about their routes. Thus, I would like to encourage them once again to be active and share their plans with us,” said the Head of Airport Network at Lithuanian Airports, reminding that the matter has already been discussed live with major carrier companies in the country.

Still, according to D. Voveris, it is difficult to hold meetings with representatives of all companies, so it was decided to address them publicly and to ensure equal conditions for all carriers by providing information on anticipated changes in transportation between the airports in Vilnius and Kaunas.

The reconstruction of the runway in Vilnius Airport will be in progress for 35 days, from 00:00 on 14 July 2017 to 23:59 on 17 August 2017; during the reconstruction, the old runway surface will be replaced, the base will be reinforced and insulated, new drainage and rainwater collection systems will be installed and the signal lights system and control system will be reconstructed. The reconstruction will be carried out by a consortium of undertakings led by the Latvian company “A.C.B.”.

During the suspension of aviation activity in Vilnius Airport, 14 of 16 airlines operating in the capital of Lithuania intend to move their flights to Kaunas Airport.