Reconstruction that will Last until Summer Started in Kaunas Airport

Today passenger terminal reconstruction, which will take five months, started in Kaunas Airport. After the reconstruction, not only the duration of procedures necessary for passengers will become shorter and the shop area will double in the second largest airport in the country, but the airport will also be ready for the passenger flow that will increase in summer, when, due to the reconstruction of the runway in Vilnius Airport, most flights will be transferred to Kaunas Airport.

“The results of the previous years show that the number of flights increased and new destinations were added in Kaunas Airport. As the airport grows, we must improve our passengers’ experience: an updated, even more comfortable and modern airport is our goal.

The reconstruction of the Kaunas Airport terminal will also help to prepare for the unavoidable increase in the number of passengers during the reconstruction of the runway in Vilnius Airport, which will last for 35 days. The main task is to take care of high-quality passenger service during the reconstruction,” says Bruno Kaspar, the director of Kaunas Airport.

One of the main tasks during the reconstruction is to install a new aviation security zone on the second floor of the passenger terminal. This zone will be intended for all passengers, including passengers travelling to countries outside the Schengen Area.

“By making this decision, we give up on the previous concept of two separate aviation security check stations: one for the Schengen Area, and one for countries outside the Schengen Area. The new check space will allow to manage the check procedures and the passenger flow more efficiently,” says B. Kaspar.

After the reconstruction, organisation of duty-free shops’ activity will change in Kaunas Airport: the usual enclosed-type shops will become open and walk-through, their area will double, and the range of products will improve.

During the reconstruction, five even larger and more comfortable eating areas will be created in limited and unlimited access zones. The play area for children and the smoking area will be renovated, while the restroom zone and the parent and child room will be expanded.

During the coming five months, while the reconstruction is in progress, Kaunas Airport activity will be carried out as usual. However, the head of the airport, B. Kaspar, notes that temporary inconvenience is possible due to longer aviation security checks and checks conducted by other departments; in addition, the operation of shops and cafés may be limited; therefore, the head hopes that the passengers will be understanding.

The reconstruction in Kaunas Airport will be done by the company “Atea”. From 14 July to 18 August, when aviation activity in Vilnius Airport will be suspended for 35 days due to the runway reconstruction, flights will be directed to Kaunas Airport. During this period, additional temporary passenger arrival and departure terminals will be installed in Kaunas Airport.

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