Lithuanian Airports Celebrate Customer Day with Surprises for Passengers

For the third year in a row, on 22 December, Lithuanian Airports celebrate Customer Day. On this occasion, at the airports in all three cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, and Palanga), special attention is given to the passengers throughout the day since early morning.

“Our most important customers are passengers, so this Customer Day is intended for them. Since early morning, the airport staff are ready to lift the passengers’ mood and surprise them with small, but nice gifts.

It is also important to us to speak to the customers, to hear their opinion and observations to be able to improve in the future, to make the passengers’ experience better and even to exceed their expectations – our employees take care of this as well during Customer Day,” says Tomas Rytel, the Chief Organizational Development Officer at Lithuanian Airports.

According to T. Rytel, all people who enjoy travel and have ideas that would help Lithuanian Airports to further grow and improve may suggest their ideas at a special website of Lithuanian Airports at

On the occasion of Customer Day, during the morning peak at Vilnius Airport, i.e. from four to six in the morning, Olaf Martens, the CEO of Vilnius Airport, worked at an aviation security check and interacted with the customers. Meanwhile, at Palanga Airport, passengers were traditionally welcomed by Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, who offered mandarins and sweets.

Throughout the day, passengers at the three airports received gifts from the partners of Lithuanian Airports: hot beverages, snacks, kitchen linen and other small holiday gifts, while the most active fans of the Facebook account of Vilnius Airport participated in a special excursion to airport areas that are usually inaccessible to passengers.