Lithuanian Airports Change Traditions: Ideas Instead of Regular Christmas Presents

This year, Lithuanian Airports send season’s greetings to partners and ask them for unusual gifts: instead of traditional holiday gifts, the staff expects ideas that would allow them to improve. Passengers will also be invited to demonstrate their creative imagination and suggest unique ideas to improve the operation of Lithuanian Airports.

“We set the strictest requirements for ourselves in order to meet the expectations of our partners and passengers, so their opinion is very important to us.

We want our partners and passengers to spend several minutes and try to imagine a dream airport. An airport where they would feel comfortable and pleasantly surprised; an airport that would be “wow”. These ideas are the best holiday gift for us,” says Gediminas Almantas, the CEO at Lithuanian Airports.

The staff of Lithuanian Airports expects ideas related to sustainability, ecology, and the environment because this year Lithuanian Airports signed the Airports Sustainability Declaration and undertook to devote more attention to the sustainable development of airports and to ecology.

According to G. Almantas, partners as well as passengers are encouraged to imagine sustainability, ecology or any other innovative solutions that would impress them in an airport or would even make them arrive earlier before their flights. Ideas and suggestions for improving the operation of Lithuanian Airports may be posted from 14 December at