Press release
23rd of July, 2008

Airport Travel Shop in Kaunas International Airport

Airport Travel Shop was opened in Kaunas International Airport on July 11. The new and modern shop has already become an important part of the daily buzz of the new passenger terminal, which is distinguished by its modern look and functionality.

„We believe our shop will soon become on of the essential elements of the second largest airport’s daily life. From now on Kaunas Airport possesses an integral attribute of any international airport – a modern duty free shop“, said Darius Aldakauskas, the director of the shop.

Having passed the aviation security check and the customs, outbound passengers are offered to purchase a large variety of products and gifts - perfume, alcohol, sweets, toys, souvenirs – a wide assortment, soon to be complemented by Lithuanian national food items, special local souvenirs – everything required to satisfy even the most selective taste.
Welcome to Airport Travel Shop!

Airport Travel Shop information

Contact person:
Darius Aldakauskas, Director
Mob. tel. +370 685 68343