Lithuanian airports to offer even faster Wifi

The growing flows of passengers, their needs and the popularity of smart devices have driven the changes in the wireless Internet service at Lithuanian airports. The modern solutions improved the wireless connection throughput and speed and provided an opportunity for even more people to use wireless Internet at a time. What is more, from now on Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports offer a free wireless Internet connection under the same name - "Invest Lithuania FREE WiFi".

“One of the hallmarks of Lithuania is the speed of wireless Internet. Naturally, it is important to us as well, as we are the first to create an impression about the country to new arrivals. Last year Vilnius Airport was evaluated for the speed of its wireless Internet connection and entered TOP 10 fastest WiFi airports in the world. We are hoping that the Internet connection, optimised in partnership with Invest Lithuania and Atea, will bring us to an even higher position in the rating,” said Indrė Baltrušaitienė, Head of Communications and Marketing at Lithuanian Airports.

Last year Lithuanian airports handled 4.2 million passengers, i.e. roughly 11,000 a day. Most of them are using smart devices or even several of them. After the airports were furnished with modern equipment, the channel throughput performance among wireless access points increased over 10 times. Therefore, even with a high number of users, the Internet browsing experience improved. Wireless connection coverage areas, both in the waiting halls and around them, were expanded as well.

The wireless Internet connection was named after the direct foreign investment development agency Invest Lithuania, while the company providing IT solutions and services Atea took care of the technical part of the project.

“The Internet connection bearing our name encourages investors to contact us and to consider an opportunity to establish in Lithuania afterwards. Revel Systems, an American technology company, is one of such examples. This is exactly how they learnt about Invest Lithuania and provide over 100 jobs to qualified specialists in Lithuania today," explained Dalius Morkvėnas, Head of Marketing and Communications at Invest Lithuania.

Passengers can enjoy a free wireless Internet service “Invest Lithuania FREE WiFi” in the arrivals and departures terminals or halls of Lithuanian airports six hours a day.