Traffic changes near Kaunas airport

Important information for those travelling through Kaunas airport: in late January it shall undergo the renovation of transport traffic system. The objective of these changes is to ensure that the trip to and from Kaunas airport is more convenient by any means of transport while the main addition are the new “Kiss and fly” spots where passengers will be able to exit or enter their vehicles in a short-term parking lot.

A roundabout near the airport shall be eliminated and instead, the traffic shall be divided into four lanes each designated for a different group:

  1. one lane shall be intended for those wishing to return a rented car or leave their own in a parking lot;
  2. the other – for public and special transport and Kaunas airport taxis;
  3. the third and fourth lanes shall provide access to a short-term parking lot offering the possibility to leave a car for free for a period of 15 minutes per day and to use “Kiss and fly” spots to release or to take passengers.

"Traffic changes were necessary to ensure convenient travelling for passengers - offering them the benefit of being aware of where to go; and also to ensure security near the airport. We have been able to learn from the best practice of other airports and whilst renovating the traffic system we were able to modernise extensively: we set up special spots for the release and taking of passengers – “Kiss and fly”; in cooperation with our partners we organised the system of car recognition and payment for parking; we also installed a modern lighting at arrival and departure areas and additional video surveillance cameras," Kaunas airport Director Bruno Kaspar said.

According to Mr. Kaspar, upon completion of all the transport traffic renovation works, the system shall be more effective and more convenient than before. For the implementation of these changes the airport allocated almost 230 thousand euros.

Airport parking lots shall now have a modern payment system which shall operate the payments by processing the data of vehicle registration plate number. The passengers shall be able to pay for parking using three automatic payment points in cash, and as of end of March it is planned to install a function of payment by card. Car parking rates shall not be subject to change.

Kaunas airport traffic system changes shall have no effect on public transport as city buses shall stop at the same stop as before. Special parking for charter buses shall also be provided.

The testing of the new system is scheduled for the end of January and as of mid-February it should be running without any interruptions. Kaunas airport calls for all drivers' attention and care while following traffic signs.