Civil Aviation Day with a lesson on airport operations to the elderly

On the occasion of 7 December, known as the International Civil Aviation Day, the Lithuanian airports continue a tradition to open their doors to people of different social groups. Last year the children taken care of by Save the Children organisation took part in the campaign. This year, elderly people from various care homes for the elderly were invited to take a tour in Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports.

“Our understanding of the term ‘civil aviation’ is rather simple - it is a type of aviation intended for all residents of the country. Hence, last year we started a beautiful tradition to celebrate this day together with those who do not have an opportunity to see it at closer quarters. This time we invited elderly people who are often deprived of the attention they require. The elderly people who paid a visit to us are very inquisitive; they did not only listen to the stories on airport operations but also shared the memories from their young days," said Indrė Baltrušaitienė, Head of Communications and Marketing at Lithuanian Airports.

The first group of seniors from Palanga care home went on a tour in Palanga Airport, while Kaunas Airport was attended by the residents from the care and nursing home for the elderly Senelių rojus in Kaunas District. Members from the Club for the Elderly founded by the Lithuanian Red Cross took a tour in Vilnius Airport. Nearly fifty seniors in total visited the three airports. Among them, there were also those who previously worked in the sphere of aviation.

The seniors who took a tour had a chance to learn about the processes taking place at the airport which cannot be seen by ordinary passengers; they also took a ride in the aerodrome and could observe how aircrafts take off and land; they got to know the operations of the fire safety group.

Before the holidays the employees of the Lithuanian airports also took part in the campaign Help to Overcome Loneliness organised by the Lithuanian Red Cross Society and donated various items to the elderly people in need of nursing. Hygiene items, textile, clothing and food products were collected during the campaign. The donations will be given to those who need them by the volunteers from the Lithuanian Red Cross Society before Christmas.

Next year the Lithuanian airports are also planning to open their doors to the social groups in need of attention.