Lithuanian airports celebrate their100th birthday with jazz music

Aviation and jazz – it is a phrase which will accompany the celebration of one of the most important historical dates in Lithuanian aviation at the airports of Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. As the most important holidays of the year are approaching, three largest Lithuanian airports, joined into a single state enterprise a year ago, remember their symbolic beginning – the establishment of Vilnius Airport began exactly 100 years ago – and invites to celebrate this occasion together.

In 1915 the present-day territory of the airport saw the beginning of construction of the aerodrome infrastructure. The organisers of the anniversary events decided to recreate the drive and energy characteristic of the first aviation enthusiasts in our country by means of the quintet of Lithuanian jazz masters led by a legendary percussionist Arkady Gotesman.

“Jazz on the topic of aviation is not a random choice because jazz masters are somewhat similar to aviators. After all, the wish to fly is not possible without professional training; a good improvisation, as well, is impossible without musical talents and experience. The jazz accompanied by special visualisations will sound differently in each of the airports - depending on space, the audience gathered for that occasion or simply the passengers waiting for their flight,” explained Indrė Baltrušaitienė, Head of Communications and Marketing at Lithuanian Airports.

According to her, Lithuanian airports are a very important part of Lithuanian aviation; therefore, the airports take it as their obligation to commemorate its history. As this summer marked the first birthday of the merger of Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga airports, aviation historians noted that Lithuanian airports are in fact nearly 100 rather than one year old. What is more, this year also marked the 105th anniversary of the first flight over Vilnius.

Vilnius Airport, the true origin of which dates back one hundred years, is one of the oldest airports of uninterrupted operation in the world. Nevertheless, it is most significant for Lithuanian civil aviation. After being considered the heart of Lithuanian civil aviation for decades, the airport is currently operating under the joint strategy of Lithuanian airports; it therefore shares its experience and infrastructure with the airports in Kaunas and Palanga.

The merger of Lithuanian airports into a single enterprise does not only enable a more effective management of the airport business but also contributes to the implementation of Lithuanian civil aviation priorities, which include better connections by air and more flights to the most important cities in the world for Lithuanian residents," Indrė Baltrušaitienė noted. According to her, the Lithuanian airports celebrating their one hundredth birthday are currently in a very important and promising period of their existence: they are about to put into practice the already approved concession project, whereas 2017 will witness the reconstruction of the runway of Vilnius Airport.

The anniversary events of Lithuanian airports will take place: on 2 December at 17:00 in Vilnius Airport Departures Terminal; on 9 December at 17:30 at Palanga Airport and on 16 February at 15:00 on the first floor of Kaunas Airport.