Extraordinary Saturday at Kaunas Airport

On 22 August (Saturday) Kaunas Airport will open its doors to the public - everyone interested will not only have a chance to take a walk in the aerodrome and to listen to the sound of aircrafts but also to see at close quarters an Italian Air Force fighter-jet, Eurofighter Typhoon, deployed for the NATO air policing mission in Lithuania, for the first time in Kaunas. The Lithuanian Air Force and the company Aviabaltika will also demonstrate their aircrafts.

Next Saturday Kaunas Airport will also provide an opportunity to visit an aircraft “service station” – the hangar of FL Technics. The hangar rising to the height of a four-storey building is a place where aircrafts of various airlines are maintained and repaired. During a bus tour along the runway the staff will tell about the AEROHUB KUN project being implemented in Kaunas and will demonstrate the runway signal lights.

“Kaunas Airport is changing rapidly – in spring we presented its future vision and the new AEROHUB KUN project which will correct the visual appearance as well as the activities of the airport. It is important for us that Kaunas residents could not only see these changes from across the fence surrounding the territory but at close quarters as well. Everyone is welcome to pay a visit, to take a ride along the runway extending for over 3 kilometres, to see the aircrafts of our guests and to get to know about the airport’s capacities to handle aircrafts of various types,” said Indrė Baltrušaitienė, head of Communications and Marketing at Lithuanian Airports.

The Italian Air Force with Eurofighter Typhoon fighter-jets is currently on the NATO air policing mission in the Baltic states. Until now the aircrafts of such type only landed in Kaunas for training purposes and were not open to the public.

The Lithuanian Air Force will bring Mi-8T helicopter and C-27J Spartan transport aircraft to Kaunas Airport. The Air Defence Battalion of the Lithuanian Air Force will present air defence weapons, while the 2nd Territorial Unit of Darius and Girėnas Military District of the National Defence Volunteer Forces will introduce career opportunities and the weapons used in the Lithuanian Armed Forces.

During the event the airport’s operations will go on as usual – six Ryanair flights are scheduled for Saturday. Visitors arriving at Kaunas Airport should have a personal identification document because to access the area of the event, they will have to go through the aviation security screening which will offer unexpected surprises.

The extraordinary Saturday at Kaunas Airport will open the festival of Karmėlava town, Flight – Karmėlava 2015, which will culminate in the closing event on 29 August. Until then sightseeing tours will be organised at the airport during the whole week.