Lithuanian Airports performed a survey on myths that foreign aviation experts believe about the country

Over 60% of foreigners can still be surprised by the fact Lithuanian love pink-coloured soup. Presenting the country with a fun video at the international aviation event Lithuanian Airports had an opportunity to learn the fact. Participants were asked to vote on whether the facts about Lithuania and Lithuanian are true or just a myth. They will be able to test the correctness of their answers next year when one of the most important events of aviation world will be held in Vilnius.

The annual event of Airport Council International ACI Europe ‘Regional Airport’ Conference and Exhibition’, held in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, was attended by 250 leaders of aviation world from all over Europe. They actively involved in the game proposed by Lithuanian Airports and voted for the most common myths about our country using a mobile application.

According to the app’s data, even 89% of participants provided the correct answer to the question about Lithuania’s capital and voted for Vilnius, not Riga. Other questions were a bit more difficult for the aviation people – 62% mistakenly thought it was Lithuanians who invented the game of basketball. Just 37% guessed that Lithuanian love pink soup – cold beet soup, while only 11% of participants of the game correctly answered about the use of cannabis for culinary purposes.

“Next year, one of the most significant events in European aviation world will be held in Vilnius – here European airport directors, managers of different fields, board members will gather. Thus, to familiarize our colleagues with Lithuania in advance, we chose the topic of myths and approached wittily the rumours circulating about our country and people. I am glad those who have seen the video memorized it and now are eager to taste the pink soup”, said Gediminas Almantas, CEO at Lithuanian Airports. ACI Europe event Regional Airport’ Conference and Exhibition’ will take place in Vilnius on 11-13 May 2016.

The over 8 minute long video, starring humourist Justinas Jankevičius, was created by the advertising agency Adell Taivas Ogilvy under the order of Lithuanian Airports. The video presenting Lithuania called ‘The Extraordinary Show’ can be found on Lithuanian Airports’ Youtube page .