13th of May, 2008

Yesterday (May 13, 2008) Kaunas International Airport (KUN) celebrated the official opening of the new passenger terminal.

The new passenger terminal is of 7300 square meters and designed to handle up to 800 thousand passengers a year. The new facility is a distinguished step towards sustainable development if compared to the old building of 2000 square meters, which came close to its maximum capacity in 2006 (in Lithuania the passenger market share of Kaunas increased up to 18 percent in three years time, starting with 27 thousand passengers per annum in 2004 and leading up to 400 thousand in 2007).

The up-to-date passenger and baggage screening and handling technologies, border control equipment meets all the Schengen requirements. 12 registration desks and 8 boarding gates significantly reduce the waiting times and contribute to the improved infrastructural arrangements as expanded 1000 spot parking lot, convenient video information system.

The glass and concrete building is modern, yet cosy. The spacious halls, lit by impressive lamps create a calming influence for the users of the newly built facility.

General Manager of Kaunas Airport, Mr. Arijandas Sliupas spoke: "I am sure that it is the begging of the new day. We are delighted by what has been created, but at the same time it is a commitment for the future development. Recently Kaunas Airport came up to an ambitious vision – to be the Airport Park No. 1 for business and tourism until 2025".

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kaunas airport!

Kauno Airport administration
For more information please call +370 37 399 396