May 29th, 2014


Notice of merger of State Enterprise Vilnius International Airport, State Enterprise Kaunas Airport and
State Enterprise Palanga International Airport


We are pleased to inform that, effective as of 1st of July 2014, the following will occur:
- SE Kaunas Airport and SE Palanga International Airport will be merged into SE Vilnius International Airport, with SE Vilnius International Airport as the surviving entity taking over rights, obligations and contracts of SE Kaunas Airport and SE Palanga International Airport;
- SE Vilnius International Airport will change its name to SE Lithuanian Airports (in Lithuanian - Valstybės įmonė Lietuvos oro uostai);
- SE Lithuanian Airports will be structured as a company with three branches - Vilnius Airport, Kaunas Airport and Palanga Airport. All three airports shall operate in the Lithuanian airport network;
- SE Kaunas Airport and SE Palanga International Airport will cease to exist as separate legal entities after the merger. Vilnius airport, Kaunas airport and Palanga airport shall continue their operations uninterrupted in full scope.

The merger will create an airport network of three Lithuanian airports, with the most noticeable result – a co-ordinated approach to developing Lithuanian airports, serving the needs of all types of customers and combining resources of infrastructure as well as knowledge and experience of our airport professionals.

There is no need to re-sign the existing contracts as of 1st of July, 2014, their validation will simply be transferred to SE Lithuanian Airports.

SE Lithuanian Airports will retain the existing company number and other company details of SE Vilnius International Airport. Invoices to or from SE Kaunas Airport and SE Palanga International Airport, as of 1st of July, 2014, will be issued by or to SE Lithuanian Airports. The correspondence shall be addressed to each airport separately without any changes.

The management of SE Lithuanian Airports and teams at all branches will introduce themselves to you at the next opportunity, meanwhile, please continue using the same contact details at Vilnius, Kaunas and/or Palanga airports as before.

Our goal is to make this transition period seamless and there should be no impact to your business.

Please contact Mr. Gytis Malinauskas for the supporting documentation of the merger and name change by phone +370 5 273 93 22, email or post Rodūnios kel. 10A, Vilnius LT-02189, Lithuania.