8th of November, 2013
Approved Detailed Territory Plan of Kaunas Airport
Kaunas District Municipality Council approved the Detailed Territory Plan for Kaunas Airport. The new Detailed Territory Plan will not only allow Kaunas Airport to implement the scheduled projects, but also open up new opportunities to attract Lithuanian and foreign investors.

The main objectives of the Detailed Territory Plan were to assess the condition of Kaunas Airport and the real need for the development, determining the modes for the management and use of the territory. It also provides a corridor of communications and engineering utility lines, establishes the sanitary protection zone of Kaunas Airport, and conversion of the forest land to other land uses.

“The new Detailed Territory Plan will allow implementing the long-term Kaunas Airport development strategy. It will offer the opportunity for the airport to create a modern, attractive centre for aviation and non-aviation services. We will become even more attractive to investors", said General Manager at Interim Jonas Gurskas.

The Air Park project being implemented in conjunction with Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ) is expected to attract new investors and in the future it will connect the territories of the FEZ and Kaunas Airport, to cover the area 240 ha. This project is being presented to foreign investors, inviting them to set up airline bases and MRO service terminals in Kaunas.

Currently Kaunas Airport implements aviation business development projects of FL Technics and Ryanair companies – construction of aircraft maintenance hangars. The aviation training centre situated in Kaunas Airport is already operated by DOT LT airline, Aviabaltika aviation company provides helicopter maintenance services as well, and the Ryanair's first maintenance hangar was established in Lithuania at Kaunas Airport in the beginning of the year.