Bars, Shops, Restaurants

Bar Via Baltica

A coffee-shop invites you to taste 6 kinds of Švyturio beer and to try delicious Lithuanian snacks with it.

Location in the terminal:
Ground floor, waiting-room of arrivals

Opening hours:
Coordinated with the timetable of flights

Convenience store NARVESEN

NARVESEN are the convenience stores offering positive sensations and making your life easier and more comfortable every day in your city.

We offer you the cup of coffee with a froth of fresh milk for your good spirits and energy. NARVESEN coffee may inspire you to start the conversation, brighten the moment and even change your day!

If you are in a hurry and hungry, we will take care of your quick and tasty breakfast, lunch or just snacks. Or maybe you want something sweet? We surely have something for you to enjoy! 

National and regional daily newspapers and weeklies, various business, entertainment, travel and leisure magazines, press for children are available for you each morning at our trading places.

We will take care that you would always have as much minutes for conversation by mobile phone, time for online browsing and symbols for SMS message as you need. Now, topping up of your account is even easier! It is always convenient to pay for goods and various services in NARVESEN stores.

You will find everything what you might need in the city, starting from hygiene products and office supplies and ending with toys and other particulars in our stores. We are ready to help you even at the most unexpected moment!

1st floor, Arrivals

Working hours:
Coordinated with the flight schedule


Flowers and souvenirs

You are kindly welcome at the corner of flowers and Lithuanian souvenirs where you can purchase various products made of amber as well as jewellery for men, women and children. Here, you will also find a wide selection of Lithuanian souvenirs and symbols. You can order bouquets and flowers in advance by phone number +370 641 30350 or once you arrive at the flower corner of Kaunas Airport.

Location in the terminal:
Ground floor, general room of arrivals

Opening hours:
Coordinated with the timetable of flights

More information is available at:
Phone No +370 641 30350