UNIPARK Parking Services at Kaunas Airport

Parking lot plan

At Kaunas Airport you can choose from 4 car parking lots, that are managed by a license plate recognition system.

  • P1, P3 and P4 long term parking lots for those that needs to park for a longer period. P1 is located 100 m. from the airport, P3 – approx. 300 m., P3 – approx. 400 m. (please note that the pavement of the P4 parking lot is the basis of the compacted soil). 
  • P2 - short-term parking lot, located closest to the terminal, is intended for meeting and seeing off travellers. Convenient infrastructure will ensure easy access to the passenger terminal.

For your convenience, the first 15 minutes of parking are free of charge once a day at P2.

How to book a place in the long-term parking lot?

Parking at Kaunas Airport car park can be booked HERE.

Optionally, you can also pay for parking at Kaunas Airport car parks (P1, P2, P3, P4) at the automated kiosk before leaving the car park. Card and cash are accepted. You will have 20 minutes to leave the car park after the payment.

For your convenience, there are 7 charging stations for electric cars in the long-term car park (P1). For more information on charging conditions and prices, see: eldrive.eu/en_LT/

See the uniPark website for more information.

Last updated: 2024 05 14 15:36