Passengers with special needs


Arrival at the airport

You can reach Kaunas Airport by car, public transportation (bus or train), using the “Važiuojam” service provided by the Assistance Service of the Order of Malta, or the Social taxi service provided by the National Institute for Social Integration.

Parking places are reserved for cars at the passenger terminal of the airport – they are marked with special signs. The places are allocated for vehicles of the disabled and persons with reduced mobility; therefore, all other vehicles parked in the special places will be towed.

For your convenience, at the short-term parking space (P2) located near the passenger terminal the first 15 min of parking are free of charge (once per 24 hrs).

If you believe more than 15 minutes will be necessary to disembark a passenger with individual needs by the departures terminal, please fill-in this form no later than 48 hours before the scheduled flight.

Vehicles can also stop and drop off the passengers at the entrance to the departure terminals. The traffic in this place is quite intensive, thus, you are kindly requested not to leave your cars for a longer time in order not to disrupt the vehicle flow.

To reach the airport by bus one needs to check the bus schedule. All the Route 29 buses running from Kaunas Railway Station to Kaunas Airport are low floor and adapted for the disabled. Bus schedules are available on the website here

Kaunas Airport cooperates with the service of the Order of Malta providing transportation for the disabled “Važiuojam”. With a special vehicle able to accommodate 3-6 wheelchairs for the disabled the assistants of the Order of Malta bring the customers right to the passenger departure terminal. The service is also adapted for visually impaired passengers; besides, the Maltese can also provide the transportation services for persons with exceptional needs (lying patients).
The transportation service for the disabled in Kaunas is provided from Vilnius, thus, it can be used also travelling between the airports (Vilnius-Kaunas).
The transportation service “Važiuojam” for the disabled is provided subject to a prior registration, while the final price of the trip depends on the kilometres covered. More information on the service is available here.

Social taxi

The possibility for the disabled to reach Kaunas Airport is ensured also by the Social taxi. Social taxi is a unique service facilitating people with reduced mobility. The specifically adapted vehicles accommodate the passengers conveniently and the personal assistants-drivers not only bring people to their destination, but also assist them when leaving their homes, bring items and see them to an agreed place, and provide assistance with any arising issues. The assistants are trained to provide first aid, have well developed communication and other important skills. The service is available upon a prior booking. More about the Social taxi please read here

Call points

Several assistance call sites for persons with special needs are arranged at the access to the terminal with assistance call buttons:

  •  At the cashier of the long term car park (P1);
  •  At the cashier of the short term car park (P2).

You can find a map of the airport with marked call points and parking places here. Please note that parking is charged according to the general procedure.

In order to ensure high quality provision of special assistance services for persons with reduced mobility or people with disabilities, who purchased airline tickets in advance, we would like to remind you that in order to book a preferred assistance, passengers should contact representatives of their airline or travel agency, which sold them such travel tickets, at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight.  In that case you will have to wait for the assistance no longer than 10 min.

Should a passenger fail to notify us of the required assistance in advance, we will nevertheless make every effort to render the assistance within a shortest time possible; however, the passenger might have to wait for an escorting person a little longer, i.e., about 20 min.

Persons with special needs are kindly requested to arrive at Kaunas Airport not later than two hours before the scheduled departure time.

Services at the airport

Dear passengers,

Kaunas Airport is open round the clock. Several assistance call sites for persons with special needs are arranged at the access to the terminal with assistance call buttons and the assistance mobile telephone number on the information board:

  •  At the cashier of the long term car park (P1);
  •  At the cashier of the short term car park (P2).

A representative of the ground handling company Litcargus meets the passenger at the assistance call spot, accepts his/her luggage, and takes care of the departure procedures – luggage check-in, moving within the terminal and boarding the aircraft

Passengers with special needs arriving at or departing from Kaunas Airport are offered the following assistance:

  • Meeting of the passenger at the airport, escorting the passenger to the frontier station of the State Border Guard Service, customs clearance and collection of the luggage.
  • Escorting a person with disability or reduced mobility to the car, taxi or a bus stop if so requested by the person being escorted.
  • The passengers with reduced mobility who nevertheless do not require assistance (for instance, because they are assisted by their family members) are provided a wheelchair for temporary use within the airport territory.
  • The passenger is also welcome to use the wheelchair at arrival or departure. When boarding or disembarking from the aircraft, the wheelchair is treated to be a piece of luggage and the responsibility for its further transportation lies with the airline.
  • In consultation with the passenger the wheelchair is transferred to the airline companies for further transportation or to the passenger to be used later during his further trip.
  • If a passenger travels with an electric mobility aid, he/she should be aware of its battery type and take care of its disconnection and connection. An assisting person may help taking actions that are necessary for disconnection and connection of electric battery.

For passengers with special needs, the terminal is equipped with a specially marked waiting area with an emergency call button. There passengers can call for assistance and wait for the arriving staff to assist them.

This place is located near the lifts at Kaunas Airport.

You may use a special cart in the airport free of charge (you will find it near children’s carts). Upon departure you will find it after passing aviation safety control, on the left side.

The disabled and persons with reduced mobility are served and brought to the aircraft with our medical vehicle Ambulift. Model – Mallaghan ML6100D.


Lithuanian Airports are joining the international social initiative called Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard Scheme which aims to help people with hidden disabilities better communicate their needs, and for employees to better notice a person’s invisible disability.

How can you receive your sunflower lanyard?

Simply approach a flight registration desk or security check tickets scanning station at one of our airports and ask for it. The employees of our airports and business partners are trained to notice this accessory and provide additional time and care for the traveller.


In this video clip you may get familiar with the services that a disabled person or a person with reduced mobility may request at the airport.

Rate our service

Dear passengers,

We kindly invite you to rate our services. Your suggestions and comments will help us to improve the quality of our services for passengers with special needs. The evaluation form is available here.

Thank you for your time.


Provision of assistance at Kaunas Airport

Ph.: +370 659 83430


In case the rights of a person with special needs have been violated, the passenger has a right to submit a complaint to the institution exercising the control over the implementation of Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2006:

Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration 
Švitrigailos St. 42, 03209 Vilnius 
Ph.: (8 5) 278 56 02 
Fax: (8 5) 213 22 70 


If you have any proposals, complaints, or wishes regarding servicing persons with special needs please, please send a message at this Section “Write to us”, indicating “Servicing of persons with special needs” as a subject or call at +370 612 44442.

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