Relevant and detailed information for arrivals from abroad can be found here.

Information regarding Covid-related restrictions in Lithuania can be found here

Wearing a protective face mask at Lithuanian Airports is mandatory for all passengers older than 6 years of age. 

All passengers must fill-in the online form* before travelling to Lithuania here.

*This is a mandatory safety measure set by the Republic of Lithuania.

Information about the resumption of passenger flights changes rapidly, so please regularly check the information being provided by your air carrier and the airport.

Please note that the most accurate information in our flight schedule is provided only 24 hrs before a planned flight. 

  • Relevant information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania can be found here.
  • Relevant information about Covid-19 in Lithuania and the latest travel updates can be found here.


Passengers travelling through Lithuanian Airports must adhere to the following rules:

  • Only the passengers wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) are allowed into the terminal and this is valid at all times while in the terminal building;

The following health safety measures are present at Lithuanian Airports:

  • Hand disinfectants are available for passengers throughout the terminal building. Passengers are strongly advised to regularly wash or disinfect hands;
  • Terminal premises, horizontal and vertical surfaces are regularly cleaned using disinfectants preventively each day;
  • Preventive notifications are voiced over the audio system and video messages are shown on the screens at the terminal;
  • A limited number of registration tables are in use at the same time, tables for different flights are placed at maximum distance from each other;
  • Queue barriers are placed in front of the tables, supplemented with disinfectant and marking every 1-2 meters, also information on keeping distance is provided;
  • Organic glass shields are installed on the registration, security check, and boarding tables;
  • All staff wear PPE which is mandatory;
  • Possibility to purchase PPE is present in the terminal building;
  • Every second chair on the benches is marked as not to be used;
  • Special bins are placed at the arrivals terminal for throwing away (when changing) used PPE.


Last updated: 2022 01 25 12:56